Sims Athletics

We offer several different opportunities for students to participate in extra physical activity at Sims Middle.

Coaches: Lauren Schultz, Aaron Runyon, & Brad Filbert

Yearly Schedule

August – October: Sims Middle PE offers a Cross Country Club. Focused more on racing and improvement. Sign up in the spring to receive a summer running schedule. Sign ups again briefly at the beginning of school. Meetings are after school.
November: 3-on-3 Round Robin Basketball Exhibition. Sign up through PE by grade level. Play during school. Proceeds donated to a  local charity.
January: Track unit through PE. We use this to facilitate try outs for our school track meet AND the middle school meet at Pace High. Anyone, even those not in PE, can arrange to try out by speaking to one of the coaches.
January- February: Patriot Volleyball club offered to all students at Sims. Focused on learning & improving techniques and skills to successfully play the game. The Club will end the "season" with several scrimmage matches. Sign ups in December. Meetings are after school.

February: School track meet. Students compete by gender and grade level. Top 6 per gender and grade level, per event (exceptions up to coaches). Anyone can create and compete as a 4x100 team. Other events are 100, 200, mile, shot put, and discus. Track meet is during school.
March or April: County Middle School track meet at Pace High. We are only allowed to bring top 2 per event/gender regardless of grade level. Events are 4x800, 100, 200, 400, 4x400, mile, 4x100, shotput, and discus. Team travels to Pace High during school to complete. We normally have several after school practices in the weeks leading up to the track meet.